Native Mobile & Web


Hey there! Let's start off with a little something about me.

My name is Rizki Calame

I currently reside in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I'm a full-time Communications and Multimedia Design (previously known as Interactive Media)-student. I have a passion for programming and an ambition to be amazing at it.


During my few years, I've developed a few neat tricks within my skillset. This being:

  • Objective-C
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


In my career as an Interactive Media developer, as a student, intern and developer in my own start-up, I have worked in some of the most amazing projects ever.

  • Emerce

    Techniques: Objective-C, Native iOS-application, iPad

    During my internship as a Junior Mobile Developer at Mediabunker, I had the opportunity to work on a huge project. The concept was clear; to develop a native iOS iPad application for one of the world's leading magazine covering international business news; Emerce. My job in this project was to develop the front end solutions, such as: animations, object placements and styling, whilst my mentor, Ivo, provided the back end of the application.

  • Roomey

    Techniques: Objective-C, Native iOS-application, iPhone, PHP, MySQL

    In my first weeks discovering the in's and out's of back-end development, I found myself trying to come up with a simple concept that makes use of a MySQL database, which I could output into a JSON file and parse within an iOS application. It didn't take long for me to make a personal shopping list. Whenever my girlfriend goes grocery shopping, I can just add more groceries from my comfortable bed, while she is on her shopping spree. Needs m0ar c4k3.

  • Slenderman iOS-game

    Techniques: Objective-C, Native iOS-application, iPhone, iBeacons, Bluetooth

    As part of a project during my minor, a colleague and I had developed an urban game, based on the popular Slenderman series. The base-line of the project was to use a sensor and play with it, up until the moment that you had built a concept around the sensor. Using iBeacons, players could run away from Slenderman and staying near the same spot for too long could result in death.

  • Vote4

    Techniques: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

    A group of event-planning enthusiasts approached my start-up, asking for the possibility in developing a new concept for them, where people could vote for statements/songs during a party. Initially, they asked for the platform to be a native mobile application. After a debate, we suggested using a web application to get the idea started and to keep the usage bar as low as possible. The application is to be used during festivals, parties and other sorts of festivities.

  • Champion's League

    Techniques: Objective-C, Native iOS-application, iPad

    The first "major" application I built after I learned the basics of Xcode and Objective-C. The Champion's League application was a prototype of a concept we had to design during one of the projects at school.


I'm young, but I have done a few things that might interest you. Check out my timeline below to get an overview of my work activity the past couple of years.

Apr 2014
Student assessor Javascript Programming at Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Oct 2013
Student teacher 'Programming native iOS-applications'
Jul 2013
Started up Command S as a Web/Native iOS-developer
Apr 2013
Started 3-month internship as Junior Mobile Developer at MediaBunker B.V.
Sep 2011
Started studying Communication and Multimedia Design
Jan 2010
Started working as a waiter at Restaurant Nooch

...Or you can just download the boring version of my resume:

Download .pdf of my resume